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The new initiative follows the success of the College’s Summer scheme

The Academic Enrichment Programme will consist of weekly, evening sessions from January to March. The programme is modelled on the successful Summer Preparation Programme, which the College is now extending through the Academic Year and offering to more students. Essentially, the programme will provide supplementary academic support for talented, deserving students and widen their intellectual horizons, giving them the best chance of achieving at their full potential. 

Read more about the Summer Preparation Programme here

Students apply for either the Sciences and Maths track or the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences track and take part in ten fortnightly subject-specific academic enrichment sessions from their chosen field.

These subject-specific sessions aim to strengthen students' skills and knowledge, enriching and extending A-Level (or equivalent) content and providing a launchpad for independent supracurricular exploration. Students will complete preparatory work for each session and will also have the chance to do follow-up extension work after the session. We also aim for students to experience subjects they have never studied formally in school before so that they can begin to think more seriously about possible degree routes.

Alongside these fortnightly subject-specific sessions, students will benefit from fortnightly peer discussion groups, held by current Lucy Cavendish students. Students will complete a short reading before the session, on which they will share their ideas with the group. Students will have the opportunity to build their confidence, sample the discussion-based teaching which is at the heart of Cambridge and build a network of peers with shared interests and aspirations.

Additionally, students' academic enrichment will be supplemented by practical university readiness sessions, which will provide information and guidance on how to make a competitive application to Cambridge and other top universities. This will include supracurricular exploration workshops over February half term, providing support on how to engage critically with resources, and career insight sessions over the Easter holidays, to help students make the most informed choices moving forwards.

Finally, the programme will culminate in an intensive, week-long university application 'bootcamp' over the Summer holidays, where students will be able to work on making their university applications as competitive as possible with the guidance of our Admissions team. This will include support on an individual level as well as personal statement workshops, interview preparation workshops and support with preparing for admissions assessments.

Eligible students will be in Year 12 (or equivalent), attending a non-fee-paying school or College, and on track to achieve at least A*AA in their A-Levels (or equivalent).

Read more and apply for the Programme here