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Fantastic opportunity open to all year 12 students interested in applying for Medicine or Veterinary Medicine

This year’s essay prize questions get to the heart of some of the key issues affecting Medicine and Veterinary Medicine during this extraordinary time.

Students in year 12 (or equivalent) attending schools/colleges in the UK and overseas are invited to choose one question from either Medicine or Veterinary Medicine and submit an essay of between 1,000-1, 5000 words by the 31st May 2021. Preparing an entry for one of these competitions is a valuable experience for academically motivated students, allowing them to get to grips with University-style questions. It’s a great example of academic exploration for an application to Higher Education and a good educational way for students to explore their subject of interest beyond the school curriculum.

There is a first prize of  £100 in both Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, as well as two second place prizes of £50 in both Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Both Medicine and Veterinary Medicine will also have an unlimited number of highly commended prizes available.

Find out more about the prize and how to enter

Photo by Michael Longmire on Usplash.