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Curie is a research associate at Centre for Industrial Sustainability, IfM; and writer and lecturer pursuing excellence in creating positive impact in a scalable, fast and inclusive manner. After the completion of her PhD on identifying the impact factors for sustainable design implementation for the FMCG industry in 2014, Curie joined Centre for Industrial Sustainability in 2015.

As a product designer by training prior to the PhD, she is passionate about inspiring and steering toward more sustainable practices through designing product, process and systems: the interdisciplinary innovation mechanism for co-creative, disruptive, circular solutions for sustainability challenges in the 21st century. Her research interest penetrates various industry sectors from plastic waste, fashion and textile to food industry and agriculture.

Shortly after joining Cambridge, she’s been successful in developing and leading several practice- based impact creation and research projects across the world. Her research projects include Redress project (funded by Innovate UK): circular economy business mode innovation for a UK’s leading fashion retailer; TransTextile (funded by University of Cambridge, EPSRC): Interdisciplinary collaboration for high value innovation for the post-production textile waste in Sri Lanka; CloudForest (funded by Innovate UK): democratising the forestry investment industry though designing a sustainable business model on a crowd-funding platform; and Creative Hub for waste innovation in Thailand (funded by Newton Fund, British Council): Interdisciplinary collaboration for high value innovation for industrial waste from SMEs in Thailand; Peas’n Chips Entrepreneurs: Rehabilitating African Yam Bean for Food Resilience and Soil Health in Nigeria (funded by Research England Global Challenge Research Fund). Her current projects are Plastic 2 Ghar Plastic Waste Remanufacturing for Local Housing: Innovation Ecosystem in Nepal (funded by UKAid, Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Pollution; and Circular System Innovation for Polyurethane Foam: Catalytic approach to upcycle foam waste from mattresses and beyond in Thailand (funded by Royal Academy of Engineering).

Besides the research activities, she led the IfM Greenteam to win the Green Impact Platinum Award (2019-2020), and the Excellence Award (2020-2021). She teaches prioritisation for climate crisis, circular entrepreneurial innovation and interdisciplinary innovation mechanism design at Korea University. Curie loves floating in the water, darning old clothes, cycling through the fields in Cambridge and custard.