Lucy Cavendish PhD student on drawing her way through her studies

Julia Hayes is a 3rd year PhD whose research focusses on Colombian children with disabilities.

In a blog written for FERSA (Faculty of Education Research Students' Association) she shares her personal experience and gives some practical steps for building your own creative talents and inspiration for possibly illustrating your final thesis.

Julia had used drawing in her role as child psychologist and conference illustrator. She wanted to use it in her research as well. She hadn’t expected at this point that drawing would become a fundamental part of her student journey.

During a PhD, students can face tough times, so tough that sometimes you feel like you want to quit. That moment arrived for Julia when she found out that her original research proposal was no longer feasible. Doubts and uncertainty followed on what path she should now take.

But she emerged from that period of doubt with a brilliant strategy that combines her passion and talent for drawing with her journey as a PhD student.

The way forward is being clear about your dream future. “This helps you know what you really want, and when the unexpected plot twists of reality bite, being clear about the dream helps you plan new steps accordingly”.

What next?

Read Julia’s experience and advice in her blog The Power of the Felt Tip: Drawing My Way Through the PhD Process.