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Libraries play a crucial role in enhancing the learning experience, providing students with all the materials and services they need 

Lucy Cavendish College Library collections are designed to support all undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses. Students can make a head-start on the reading lists being allowed to borrow books from the moment their offer is confirmed. 

Access to library books is crucial if we are to close the attainment gaps which persist in limiting social mobility. It ensures all have an outstanding academic experience at Cambridge. Whereas students from more affluent backgrounds can purchase their own course books when they are unavailable in the Library, this is not an option for those in the 90% of Lucy undergraduates from under-represented backgrounds.

By providing all students with access to these fundamental learning resources, Lucy will ensure they can:

  • produce essays which truly reflect their exceptional academic abilities
  • achieve the best possible marks in their project work
  • develop a deeper understanding of their subject
  • confidently achieve the maximum degree grades their capabilities allow

Suzanne Tonkin, Lucy Cavendish Librarian said: “Library books really are a key learning resource. They help students develop a deep understanding of their subject and ultimately achieve the best degree result they are capable of.

As we increase student numbers to beyond 900 - welcoming full cohorts in subjects within Natural Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics for the first time - your support during the LucyGives Giving Week will ensure that our College Library collection grows and that no student is disadvantaged.

  • A gift of £30 will help purchase a key Law textbook
  • A gift of £40 will help purchase a key Maths or Natural Sciences coursebook
  • A gift of £1000 will enable us to upgrade and expand our collection of key course textbooks, in a subject such as Engineering

What is LucyGives?

Together, we’ll raise funds during LucyGives (18-25 October) to help us level the playing field, ensuring those from under-represented or disadvantaged backgrounds can thrive academically and make the most of all that Cambridge has to offer. We’ll ensure they develop the skills required to achieve their career ambitions, so that they really can go on to make a positive impact on the world.

To get involved and to show your support please visit