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Joey, Lucy MPhil student (Technology Policy) and College Graduate Representative, talks about her studies, career opportunities and life at Lucy

What made you choose an MPhil in Technology Policy?

The MPhil in Technology Policy focuses on business-government interaction. My undergrad degree in UCL Information Management for Business has given me a solid knowledge of IT and Management. However, it was during my summer internship as a Technology Risk analyst when I realised the importance of understanding government regulations. The skills to analyse, anticipate and influence future policy trends will help organisations and institutions to prepare and spot business opportunities in advance. The MPhil in Technology Policy is the perfect degree that can build the knowledge and skills needed to understand the governments’ view – that’s what attracted me to this degree.

Why did you choose Cambridge?

Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities in the world with excellent quality of learning and teaching. The deep-root sense of community and shared purpose have brought everyone together. In fact, during my interview for this Master's degree, my course director mentioned that he believed I would really enjoy Cambridge, and now I can proudly say, I cannot agree more!

How have you found the college system?

Cambridge is a ‘collegiate’ university meaning each student is not only a member of the University faculties and departments but also a member of a College community providing academic support and individual pastoral care. To be honest, at first it was confusing for me to get around as this was really different to my prior experiences as an undergraduate. But this is what makes Cambridge University unique and very quickly I got used to the college system and I am loving it now!

Could you tell us about your role as Graduate Representative?

As a Graduate Representative at Lucy Cavendish College, I am part of the executive team of the Student Union. I am the listener to all student voices and the speaker to voice out our students’ ideas or concerns during the College meetings. I am also involved in the meetings discussing the college’s long-term strategy and treatment of students.

COVID restrictions this year have made things especially difficult for us to meet and bond together, but I am keen to organise events for the graduate community to bond together (online or socially distanced).

What have you enjoyed the most from your time at Lucy Cavendish?

Lucy Cavendish is an inclusive and supportive community and as a member of Lucy Cavendish, I am incredibly proud to be part of this community. Being at Lucy Cavendish feels like being with my family, and I believe this is something that makes Lucy Cavendish special. I am confident that this sense of an inclusive and supportive community will continue after 2021 where Lucy Cavendish will consider applications from all students regardless of age, gender and background.