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Join us for this informative virtual talk in which Dr Emily Nordmann discusses how we have redesigned our curriculum to have inclusivity at its core.

Dr Nordmann's talk will focus on how we use lecture recordings to aid flexible engagement, explicitly teaching study strategies to reduce the hidden curriculum, ensuring that resources are open-access, and that diverse identities are recognised and welcomed. She will explain how the experience of the pandemic has further shaped our approach and what she believes the new normal of higher education should look like.

About the speaker

Dr Emily Nordmann is a teaching-focused Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Glasgow. She teaches research methods, individual differences, and programming in R, but more generally, her expertise is in first year course design and leadership. Dr Nordmann strongly believes in the principles of open science and open educational resources, and strives to incorporate them into both her teaching and research. Her research predominantly focuses on the relationship between technology and learning, in particular lecture capture and how it can be used as an effective study tool and the impact on students from widening participation backgrounds. Following the disruption of COVID-19, Dr Nordmann's work has pivoted to supporting staff and students with the transition to online learning and back again.

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