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Degrees and Honours

PhD, University of Sydney.


Jurgen practiced as a design engineer for AECOM, specialising in the design of low-rise steel frame buildings, steel plate girder bridges, concrete tanks, and water treatment facilities. He completed his PhD in 2008 at the University of Sydney and then lectured there for three years. He joined the University of Sheffield in 2011 and has been appointed to the Engineering Department, University of Cambridge as Lecturer in Structural Engineering .

His key research interests include the stability of cold-formed steel and stainless steel structural elements, tri-axial concrete behaviour, connections in structural hollow sections and the application of FRP to strengthen concrete structures. He uses analytical methods and software to improve the understanding of how much load structural elements can withstand before they fail and cause structural instability. By concentrating on cold-formed steel, Jurgen’s work contributes to optimisation and sustainability in construction practices.

Publications (selected)

Journal articles