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DPhil (Oxon.), MA (TAU)


Renan is a historian and a philologist with broad interests from Hadrian’s Wall to the Mediterranean, and from Homer to Charlemagne. His most recent research focuses on chronology of the Ancient World, Roman Imperial Biographies and the reception of Classics in the early middle ages. 

He received his DPhil in Classics from the University of Oxford, and holds a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cambridge. 

He is enthusiastic about teaching and making ancient history and classics accessible to all. Renan is also an Affiliated Lecturer in the History Faculty, and his teaching focuses on ancient history (Greece and Rome) and the early middle ages and HAP—all while making sure the broader historical and historiographical context is considered. He has been nominated and received various awards for teaching excellence from the History Faculty. 

His current academic work finalizes his book manuscript on the Historia Augusta (a collection of Roman imperial biographies) and an English translation and commentary of a less-known work of St. Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis, on measures and biblical chronology. 

Renan’s extra-curricular interests include: student well-being, investment management (with relevant qualifications from CFA, UK and LSEG Academy) and rock and wall climbing (bouldering).