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Lucy Cavendish was the most successful club on the river and won double blades and the Pegasus Cup!

May Bumps 2022 took place from Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th, June 2022. None of the crews were bumped, and M1 and W1 received BLADES!

Day 1

M1 bumped Homerton M2 securing the first-ever Lucy Men’s (non-technical) bump.

W1 bumped Medwards W1 just before the reach to the roar of all of our fans.

W2 bumped Clare Hall W1 quickly and fearlessly, what an achievement for this amazing crew.

Day 2

Another day another 3 bumps! All of our fantastic crews made history yet again.

M1 bumped Darwin M2, making this the second-ever Lucy Men’s bump, on to many many more!

W1 gave it everything they had along the reach and bumped Jesus W2. Their attempts at taking intimidating photos may be poor but their legs are strong.

W2 had a super strong start and bumped Darwin W2 before the motorway bridge making it their fastest-ever 342m sprint.

Day 3

Lucy got an astounding 3/3 bumps! 

W2 bumped Jesus W3 by keeping to their fly and die tactic.

W1, fueled by jelly snakes and the captains’ (conservative) whistles, bumped Emma W2 on the reach. Special mention to cox Chris’ tight corners. Thank you for a good race Emma!

M1 bumped Downing M3 with their now-habitual speed, proving themselves to be the stronger crew out of a close three-boat sandwich.

Day 4

W1 rowed their orange dream machine to glory, getting the lovely Lyda the blades she deserves. Bumping every day to the sounds of Miriam’s conservative whistles and Chris’ variable numbers of draws.

W2 did an amazing job, with most of them having never rowed before this year, they made us all so so proud and were unfortunately robbed of their blades by the boat in front of them bumping before they managed to bump them.

M1 exceeded all our hopes and dreams for Lucy’s first-ever men’s squad. With just two of them having rowed before this year, and one of them having rowed Cambridge bumps, they bumped every day making Lucy history!

We are also delighted to announce that this year Lucy Cavendish has won the Pegasus Cup (sponsored by Milton Brewery).

This is an award given to the most successful college club on the Cam in May bumps.

View the pictures below.

Slideshow boat club by Lucy Cavendish