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Lucy Cavendish College invites applications for Finance, Law & Sustainability scholarship in partnership with Estari, CISDL and the University of Cambridge

Supervised by Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge and Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) senior researchers, as well as experts from partner institutes across the University, successful candidates will conduct research on aspects of venture capital, investment, and private finance as these relate to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Partnership supports Masters and PhD students engaged in innovative, solution-oriented and practical law and policy research and analysis concerning: the implications of European regulations for investment strategy; the development of sustainability frameworks for investors; and/or improved methods of sustainability assessment in investment decisions.

Applicants should be Masters, LLM, MCL or 1st or 2nd year Doctoral students in Law, Land Economy, Public Policy, Economics, Business Management, Development Studies or a related field, accepted for study at the University of Cambridge.

The value of the Research Assistantship is £6000/year as a scholarship for the selected student, £2000/term as honoraria for completion of research tasks (and can go to tuition fees or other costs associated with their studies).

Application deadline is 11.59pm on 20th November.


Estari is a sustainability growth capital firm that invests in European companies that have developed proven solutions to issues affecting the Future of Cities, Future of Food and Future of Work. Estari provides growth capital and operating support to companies that generate economic value by leveraging technology to make efficient use of natural and human capital. Estari sees a major opportunity to accelerate the economic shift to sustainability by investing in business models enabled by the maturity of technologies. Estari Capital is a purpose-built team, supported by a broad set of operating and strategic partners, with a tailored investment process to identify the most scalable, impactful and financially efficient companies building on these technologies. More information: Estari (

The Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) is a leading international centre with a mandate to promote legal education relating to sustainable societies and the protection of ecosystem by advancing and supporting the understanding, development and implementation of law for sustainable development; leading international research through facilitating legal scholarship and dialogue, and education through strengthening legal knowledge and capacity.

Lucy Cavendish College was founded as a women's college for students aged twenty-one and over. Increasing diversity and admitting under-represented students at Cambridge was its founding purpose and is deep in its DNA. It has embraced Cambridge University’s widening participation agenda, now accepting applications from all students with exceptional academic potential, regardless of age or gender. Its bold vision is to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders and to re-define how to achieve positive social impact in national and international contexts. By more than doubling in size, and bringing a radical approach to research and education, the College will, in unique ways, develop an inter-disciplinary community committed to finding solutions to some of the most important issues facing our society. As part of this vision, the College will build an innovative, low-carbon, inclusive landmark campus with global connectivity and reach. It will be the go-to place for those students, researchers and partner organisations who want to change the world for the better.