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Mathematics gold medalist, Wendy Chang, will be writing the questions for the competition as well as attending this year’s event in Melbourne.

Wendy Chang was born in South Korea. When her family moved to Bangkok for work, she went on to attend Harrow International School from Year 11, which was a big turning point for her future, and directed her to Cambridge. Interested and well-versed in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, Wendy obtained the top results needed to apply to the University of Cambridge.

While at Harrow, she participated in a team competition at the World Mathematics Championship (WMC) and received the gold medal. As a Maths-based student with a deep understanding of the subject, Wendy was subsequently asked to collaborate with WMC in making videos to explain how the competition works.

Wendy and her team have also been asked to help create a new round called ‘Datamine’. This new round will ask participants to answer a question, manipulate data, and create graphs and tables. Participants will also be asked to write a report to show their process.

As well as writing questions for the rounds, Wendy and her team work on the WMC social media in an outreach capacity. With posts featuring renowned mathematicians and their work, and on how the competition runs, they are trying to increase interest in the subject among students worldwide.

With a strong passion for Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, Wendy finds satisfaction in finding solutions to the problems she encounters as part of her course. While exploring possibilities for the future, Wendy is enjoying her studies and being part of the tight-knit Lucy Cavendish College community which she defines as a “second home”.