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Kun is a postdoctoral researcher in system neuroscience at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology (MRC LMB). He mainly works on the neural circuits and connections underlying associative learning and decision-making in fruit flies. Using advanced functional imaging methods and optogenetic manipulation of single neurons, Kun is investigating the role of dopaminergic neurons in encoding prediction errors, prediction value and the probability of reward or punishment in the brain during decision-making. Long term, Kun’s research will help us understand the neural circuits of decision-making on the cellular level and inspire the development of new algorithm structures for machine learning.

Before joining the MRC LMB, Kun worked on the neural encoding of optic flow in the upstream neural circuits of visuomotor decision-making in the zebrafish brain in Germany.

Kun likes acupuncture, playing (Chinese) chess and basketball as well as socialising in his free time.