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The comms team organises a research blog competition fo all students.

This is a great opportunity for members of the College community to spread the word about their research.

It is free to enter and the winner will receive a £100 prize! We will also endeavour to publish each entry on the College website.

Research blogs can include undergraduates’ projects (perhaps for a dissertation, or a summer research project) as well as research projects conducted by graduate students.

The winner will be announced at the Fiction Prize ceremony in May.

If you would like to enter the blog competition, please email with your submission, which should follow the guidelines below.


  • Write a catchy/intriguing tile.

  • The blog should consist of 500-words describing your research (what is it, why is it interesting to you, etc)

  • Your blog should be aimed at the general public. It's a good idea to make your responses understandable to someone who has not studied your subject. It can be helpful to imagine you are explaining your research to an interested friend or family member.

  • Please provide images with your submission. Ideally, we would have one photograph of yourself and at least two images relevant to your research.

  • Please include your CRSID, course information and subject.

  • Please confirm that you are happy for us to post your blog on the College website and promote it on our social media channels.

Entries for the Prize are open. The deadline to enter is Friday 15th March 2024.