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Arts at Lucy

Lucy Cavendish is a college that ceaselessly promotes and celebrates its students’ talents and creativity. Throughout the years, it has maintained a strong tradition of nurturing and supporting all forms of art. Literary pursuits are encouraged through the introduction of multiple competitions, such as the Florence Staniforth Student Fiction Prize, Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize etc., while a student-run and written magazine (The Cavendish Chronicle) is published every term. The Chronicle is filled with poetry, interviews, letters, short stories, as well as art and photography and submissions from all students are welcome. The magazine is a great opportunity to exercise your writing skills, as well as feel connected to the college and its members. The Lucy Writers’ Platform is another space where both writing and art are heavily featured. Through this online platform, writers are given the chance to review exhibitions, plays, books, music shows etc., and can consequently broaden their artistic horizons, as well as share their opinions with the world. 

Further chances to cultivate your creativity are offered by the art society. Students are free to join at any time regardless of their skill level. ArtSoc explores all forms of art and, at each session, a new theme is introduced with the intent to inspire the society’s members, as well as introduce them to a broad and emotive range of topics and techniques. Throughout the year, exhibitions are held in order for students to showcase their artwork, while the Lucy Cavendish library holds an annual Art & Photography competition. The winning pieces are displayed in the library or around the college and are promoted on social media.

Music is also a big part of the college experience. Lucy Cavendish houses a Music & Meditation pavilion that students can use anytime to practice and perform music. A grand piano, as well as other instruments, are permanently placed in the charming room and students are free to use them to rehearse.

To book the music pavilion please visit this page

Overall, Lucy Cavendish College has well-rounded appreciation of the arts and it is vital that this tradition continues, as it allows students to explore their artistic abilities, as well as engage and feel connected to the college, not just while they are active members, but throughout the rest of their lives.

The Cavendish Chronicle is a termly print magazine from Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. Its goal is to privilege the diversity of voices at our mature-age, women’s college, as well as promote other creative minds from the University of Cambridge. The magazine is student-run, read, and written. Find them here:



The aim of this society is to create and cultivate a vibrant art community at Lucy Cavendish College, through planning of fun and stimulating painting sessions, as well as though organization of trips to museums and exhibitions. At each session, a new theme is introduced whose intent is to inspire our society’s members and introduce them to a broad and emotive range of art.

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The Lucy Writers’ Platform is an online platform that showcases the creative output of women writers from the Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, community and beyond. Regardless of where you are in your professional journey, we want to be the space, room and home for your words and artistic visions. Find them here:


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LWP Twitter

The Society aims to openly discuss all presented fiction and to provide feedback. If a piece of literature is a success within the Society, you might be helped to publish it, at least within the University.

Feel free to contact Catherine at ep505@cam about becoming a member!

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The Cavendish Chorale is a friendly student choir based in Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, UK. They welcome male and female voices from all colleges, undergraduate and graduate, with and without previous choral experience.