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Juggling research and professional football, alumna Eponine Howarth chases goals on and off the pitch.

My name is Eponine Howarth, but everyone calls me Epo. I studied the LLM, the Masters in Law, at Lucy.

I am now working part-time as a researcher at University College London, on a project on modern slavery. And, perhaps more exciting, I now play professional football in Argentina, for Ferro Carril Oeste, as the first French player in the first division.

Two female athletes are in a gym with one lying on her back on a blue exercise ball, engaging in an exercise with her legs raised, while the other, standing in a green uniform, supports her by holding her feet. They are surrounded by gym equipment, suggesting a focus on physical training.

During my studies, I was often on a football pitch. I played for the Women's First team (Blues) and for the college team (called CCC, for Churchill, Christ and Cavendish).

Eponine in a light blue shirt and black shorts is in control of the ball during a match. She is being closely watched by a young male referee in black and two opposing players in purple jerseys. The background is a well-maintained grassy soccer field.

Other than that, I was in the cafe a lot, doing my readings and hanging out with friends.

I was lucky to have the support of the college playing football. I benefited from the Lindsey Traub fund during my time at Lucy. This paid for my membership on the football Blues team, and contributed to the purchase of the kit.
I've always loved playing football. I played First Division Football in Belgium from the ages of 16 to 19. I'm quite lucky, at the age of 27, to have the opportunity to get back into it, having now finished my studies and with much less pressure than when I was a teenager. I hope to help my teammates on the pitch and inspire other girls to play football. Football has taught me so much: hard work, perseverance, team work, communication and discipline. All those skills are equally important in a legal career!