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The winners and runners up of our annual event were announced at threeses in the Library on 13th May.

The 2022 Lucy Cavendish Art & Photography competition, now in its 8th year, invited Lucy students, staff, Fellows Emeriti, Associates to enter works on the theme of Emerging.

This year’s competition received a record number of 24 entries, with work by students, staff and Fellows.


1st Prize: Ruohan Zhang – ‘Lotus in Quzhou Confucius Family Temple, China’

The judges said, ‘One judge described this photograph as ‘perfect’ another as ‘striking’. It showed great use of colour as well as displaying technical skill. Importantly, it so suited the theme.’

Runners up

2nd Prize: Ruohan Zhang – ‘Britain getting back on its feet’

The judges said, “This photograph was another technically strong achievement, as well as a thoughtful response to the theme. The lighting and the composition were both very skilful, giving a sense of dynamism.

3rd Prize: Anna-Theresa Muent – ‘Happy 18th’

The judges said, “This was the first animation ever submitted to one of our art and photography competitions and as such caught the judges’ eyes.

‘Brilliant interpretation of the theme’”  commented one judge. “The irony of the title and the strong conflict between background and subject also made this work a prize winner.’”

The judges also awarded a special prize this year to Sarah Gull for her felted wool piece ‘New life emerging’.

They said, “The unusual nature of this entry evoked a strong response from the judges. Those who particularly liked it thought it portrayed the theme extremely well  and was very thought-provoking. One judge commented that the openings in the felt looked like lips and thus invited other interpretations of the piece. It also offered the extra dimension of texture.

The first place winner received a £50 voucher, with £20 vouchers for second, third and special prizes.

All competition entries are displayed in the Library foyer until 10th June, and after then it will just be the winners displayed until next year’s competition.

You can view all the entries below.

2022 Art & Photo competition by Lucy Cavendish