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Head Chef, Erica Long, tells us about sustainability in the catering team and the new recipe book.

Erica LongMy name is Erica Long and I am the Head Chef at Lucy Cavendish College. I have been at the College for just over seven years, and in this role for six months. I have a passion for cooking.

The catering team is always looking at new ways of providing sustainable meals throughout our menus. We try to limit the amount of ruminant meats on our servery menus, and, where possible, use local and seasonal produce. We also make sure that any food waste is kept to a minimum, and any food waste that is left is taken away to be composted by the local council. Cardboard, glass, and cans are also recycled, and, alongside that, we provide biodegradable takeaway packaging, plates and cutlery, and limit the use of single-use plastics.

We have also decided to trial a vegan/vegetarian supper once a month, and we hope this will be a success with the students.

Recently, I have curated the Lucy Cavendish Cookbook, which features some much-loved dining hall favourites. The recipe book is available to purchase, with all proceeds going towards the Student Hardship Fund, which is helping students with the rising cost of living.

I felt it was a great idea put forward by a member of staff, I found it quite exciting, and knowing the proceeds will be going to a good cause made it even more worth the time and effort. I am proud to be able to share some of my knowledge and skills with others. 

I love working for Lucy Cavendish College, it has a feel of a family community and I have always been shown such kindness and warmth. I actually feel part of something special and look forward to providing you all with many more culinary delights.

The Lucy Cavendish Cookbook is available to purchase via th link below.

Lucy Cavendish Cookbook