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Elisabeth Gill and Zhong-Nan Wang both won prizes at the Engineering Dept 2019 ZEISS Photography Competition

Our Phd student Elisabeth Gill (Research group: Biomechanics) won the First Prize for 'Suspending Patterns', her macro photo of complex fibrous architectures that can be designed with an electrospinning and 3D printing method. She developed the method for her PhD. 3D-printed support pillars and applied voltage are used to pattern suspended gelatin microfibres with a technique called low-voltage electrospinning patterning.

Our Postdoc, Dr Zhong-Nan Wang won the Third Prize with ‘Turbulence and Sound’. This flow-acoustic simulation shows the noise generated from a turbulent jet interacting with a surface. The coloured isosurfaces show the turbulent structures and the background grey-scale contour shows the acoustic waves. Dr Wang is a Research Associate in Computational Fluid Dynamics at the Engineering Department.

The Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering is sponsored by ZEISS (Scanning electron microscopy division) and celebrated its 16th year in 2019. Entries are required to be eye-catching images and videos that relate to research or teaching in the Department or engineers out in the field.