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5 scientists join 5 poets, working together to create a poem that reflects their research during the pandemic. 

The original Connections event, in partnership with AstraZeneca, brought together scientists, poets, school children, students and the general public in a one-off inter-disciplinary event. During this thought-provoking and moving event, held in October 2019, 8 scientist-poet pairs presented their poems and the scientific research the poems were based on. Following the success of the first event, on 18th July 2020, everyone had the opportunity to watch and listen online as the 8 pairs re-presented their work.

On 28th November 2020 5 scientists joined 5 poets, working together to create a poem that reflected their research during the pandemic. Their work reflected on how people adapted and how it affected their work and wellbeing. 

Part One: 30 mins

Richard Berengarten and Professor Cecilia Wong

Joanne Limburg and Dr Stephen Montgomery

Part Two: 20 mins

Clare Crossman and Dr Nicola Rose

Khairani Barokka and Professor Peter Jones

Dr Annabel Banks and Dr Clemence Bernard 

During the virtual Q&As with the participants questions were about the pairs' work and the process of their unique collaboration.