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Degrees and Honours

Ph.D. (Cantab)


Anna Git is the overall coordinator for Natural Sciences and a Director of Studies for Biological Sciences. She is a Senior Visiting Scientist at the Department of Biochemistry. Prior her current appointment at Lucy, she was a Lu Gwei Djen Research Fellow.

Research Interests

Transmissible RNA; non coding RNAs in breast cancer; anything RNA-related, really!

Publications (selected)

2022     Mitochondrial genomes in Perkinsus decode conserved frameshifts in all genes. Gornik SG., Flores V., Reinhardt F., Erber L., Douvropoulou O., Lassadi I., Einarsson E., Mörl M., Git A., Stadler PF., Pain A. and Waller RF. Molecular Biology and Evolution  39(10):msac191

2022     ncRNAseq: simple modifications to RNA-seq library preparation allow recovery and analysis of mid-sized non-coding RNAs. Minshall N., Chernukhin I., Carroll JS. and Git A. BioTechniques 72(1):21-28

2021     Expression  of alternative nitrogenases in Rhodopseudomonas palustris is enhanced using a novel genetic toolset for rapid, markerless modifications. Du Toit J-P., Lea-Smith DJ., Git A., Hervey JRD, Howe CJ. and Pott RWM. ACS Synthetic Biology 10(9):2167-2178

2020     Enzyme- and gene-specific biases in reverse transcription of RNA. Minshall N. and Git A. Scientific Reports 10(1):8151

2016     Double-stranded microRNA mimics can induce length- and passenger strand-dependent effects in a cell type-specific manner. Goldgraben M.A., Roslin R., Rueda O.M., Caldas C. and Git A. RNA 22(2):193-203

2013     The shaping and functional consequence of the miRNA landscape in breast cancer. Dvinge H.*, Git A.*, Gräf S., Salmon-Divon M., Curtis C., Sottoriva A., Zhao Y., Hirst M., Armisen J., Miska EA., Chin SF., Provenzano E., Turashvili G., Green A., Ellis I., Aparicio S. and Caldas C. Nature 497(7449):378-82