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Dr Chris Macdonald is a behavioural scientist and author. He is currently conducting a series of experiments that test the efficacy of ‘green nudges’: low-cost interventions that increase pro-environmental choices.

At Lucy Cavendish College, Chris is Head of Comms, Sustainability Engagement Lead, and a Fellow. Chris is also a Fellow at the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, and a Public Engagement Fellow at Cambridge Zero, University of Cambridge.

Chris has a PhD in Behavioural Economics. His doctoral research explored communication variables, nudge theory, priming, and behaviour change. Chris’s research questions led him to take a wide range of additional courses including advanced programming, flight mechanics, health policy, global energy, sustainable agriculture, and environmental management. Chris also has a diverse portfolio of professional experience including working as a consultant, technical director, and manager for media and tech companies.

Chris has created a free online data science course for those getting started with academic research, statistics, and data-driven approaches. Chris is also the author of Operation Sustainable Human which explores optimised climate action. The proceeds of the book were redirected to plant ten thousand trees in Africa.

In 2022, Chris was a finalist for the World Sustainability Awards and the Global Good Awards. He also contributed to the College-wide effort that earned Lucy Cavendish College the Platinum Award for Green Impact.