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Degrees and Honours

BSC, PhD Applied Biology, University of West England.


Jane Goodall arrived at Cambridge as a research associate to work in the Department of Medicine within the Division of Rheumatology, and soon after began to successfully fund her own research. She received a prestigious 5 year Arthritis Research UK Senior Fellowship, in parallel she received two concurrent 3 year MRC project grants. In 2016, she was appointed in to work as a Lecturer with Ziad Mallat to investigate stress pathways relevant to cardiovascular disease. She contributes every year to graduate education as project supervisor, an internal PhD examiner and assessing PhD student first year vivas.
She is also the lead Athena Swan Champion in the Dept of Medicine and chair of the Clinical School Athena Swan Champions committee and works with the Equality and Diversity Clinical School co-ordinator to monitor and implement E&D activity.

Research Interests

Her research involves the study of pathways that control the expression of key cytokines that are involved in the inflammatory response. Understanding how these molecules are regulated provides insight into mechanisms that cause damage and disease during infection and disease states resulting in arthritis and cardiovascular dysfunction. Intracellular pathogens such as Chlamydia trachomatis are exquisitely adapted to exist and manipulate the host cells environment for its own benefit and survival. Work funded by the MRC has enabled my laboratory to provide insight into how Chlamydia interacts with the host cells and regulates inflammatory processes.

Publications can be found here.