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Degrees and Honours


Profile and Research Interests

Lin Su is currently a postdoctoral research associate, and a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge. He graduated from Southeast University (Nanjing, China) in 2021 with a major in biomedical engineering. Lin studied synthetic biology while visiting Caroline Ajo-Franklin’s group (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA) during his PhD. Lin’s research focused on engineering electron transfer at the interfaces of microorganisms and materials.

Applications of his research include building biohybrid systems to perform semi-artificial photosynthesis, storing renewable energy in chemical bonds, designing bioelectronic sensors for information exchanges, and optimizing extracellular electron transport between electroactive bacteria and electrodes.

Publications (selected)

  • Atkinson, J.T.†, Su, L.†, Zhang, X., Bennett, G.N., Silberg, J. and Ajo-Franklin, C.M., 2022. Real-time environmental monitoring of contaminants using living electronic sensors. Nature, 611 (7936), 548–553.
  • Su, L., Fukushima, T. and Ajo-Franklin, C.M., 2020. A hybrid cyt c maturation system enhances the bioelectrical performance of engineered Escherichia coli by improving the rate-limiting step. Biosensors and Bioelectronics,165,112312.
  • Su, L., Yin, T., Du, H., Zhang, W. and Fu, D., 2020. Synergistic improvement of Shewanella loihica PV-4 extracellular electron transfer using a TiO2@
  • TiN nanocomposite. Bioelectrochemistry,134, 107519.
  • Su, L.†, Fukushima, T.†, Prior, A., Baruch, M., Zajdel, T.J. and Ajo-Franklin, C.M., 2019. Modifying cytochrome c maturation can increase the bioelectronic performance of engineered Escherichia coli. ACS synthetic biology,9(1),115-124.
  • Mevers, E.†, Su, L.†, Pishchany, G., Baruch, M., Cornejo, J., Hobert, E., Dimise, E., Ajo-Franklin, C.M. and Clardy, J., 2019. An elusive electron shuttle from a facultative anaerobe. eLife,8, e48054.
  • Su, L. and Ajo-Franklin, C.M., 2019. Reaching full potential: bioelectrochemical systems for storing renewable energy in chemical bonds. Current opinion in biotechnology,57, 66-72.
  • Light, S.H., Su, L., Rivera-Lugo, R., Cornejo, J.A., Louie, A., Iavarone, A.T., Ajo-Franklin, C.M. and Portnoy, D.A., 2018. A flavin-based extracellular electron transfer mechanism in diverse Gram-positive bacteria. Nature,562(7725), 140-144.

 †Contributed equally

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