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DPhil in Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

LLM from SOAS, London

BA, LLB (Hons), National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Membership of Professional Bodies

Solicitor, England and Wales

Solicitor, Hong Kong SAR

Advocate, India

Profile and Research Interests

Poorna joined us from the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford where she was a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow and a JRF at the Queen’s College, Oxford. Her research focuses on the interaction of private law with intellectual property law. As a postdoctoral researcher, she worked on the conceptual and doctrinal analogies that can be drawn from tangible property law, such as land law and personal property law, into copyright law to examine the extent to which this can assist copyright balance. Her doctoral thesis was on implied licences in copyright law, where she analysed and applied principles of contract law to copyright law to develop a robust and predictive methodology for implying copyright licences. At Oxford she has had many years of experience offering tutorials in Land Law, Tort Law, Contract Law, and Equity at various colleges. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling to places of historical, architectural, and cultural significance. She has received training in Hindustani classical vocal music since childhood.  

Publications (Selected)

Mysoor P, Implied Licences in Copyright Law (OUP 2021).

Mysoor P, ‘When the infringer is the contractual licensee’, [2021] 43 European Intellectual Property Review 7-15.

Mysoor P, ‘Form in Copyright Law’, [2020] Journal of the Copyright Society of USA 301-326.

Mysoor P, ‘Does UK Really Have a ‘Closed’ List of Works Protected by Copyright?’, [2019] 41 European Intellectual Property Review 474-479. 

Mysoor P, ‘Proprietary Estoppel and Copyright Law’, [2018] 29 King’s Law Journal 470-495.

Mysoor P, ‘Exhaustion, Non-Exhaustion and Implied Licence’, [2018] 49 IIC 656-684.

Mysoor P, ‘Protecting the Unprotected Database’ [2015] 131 Law Quarterly Review 556-562.

For a more detailed list of publications, click here.