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Welcome to Nautilus 18, where we feature another group of interesting and enterprising alumnae.

Their mission seems to be to provide a stimulus for all our senses: the smell and taste of chocolate and of cheese; the visual and tactile beauty of beautiful ceramics; the auditory experience of a Lucy alumna writer and actor telling the story of a brave couple during the difficult war and post-war years of the mid-twentieth century. Finally, in a totally sensual feast we have high-class dining in a beautiful historic venue, accompanied by scenes from Shakespeare’s plays.

If you’ve ever been served handmade chocolates after a College dinner, they are likely to have been made by Nenette Scrivener, whose account of her journey from Lucy Cavendish to the world of exclusive chocolates makes the mouth water in the reading of it!

Classy and unusual food products are also the focus of Ellie Brown and her vegan cheese. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms, read her article and try some of her offerings, which have been enthusiastically taste-tested at College.

Another of our highly creative alumnae is Caroline Egleston, whose tile company Piccolpasso, produces original ceramic designs that combine organic and geometric patterns with subtle colourings, which you can see illustrating her article.

Tamara Micner is an alumna who was writing plays before she came to Cambridge and whose talents were recognised when her first play was produced at the ADC theatre. Tamara was an Alumnae Association prize-winner in 2011 for her contribution to the Arts, so her recent progress is of special interest.

If you enjoy good food, beautiful surroundings and thoughtful entertainment, you will find all of these combined in the work of Madeleine Kasson, whose company A Taste of Shakespeare is the logical outcome of her English degree here in Cambridge, and her love of good food.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of Nautilus and please send us your ideas for future editions – we’d love to hear from you.

Judith Roberts