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Welcome to Nautilus 20 which, sadly, is our final edition.

We began this newsletter six years ago, with the aim of bringing you news and updates about our alumnae; over eighty former Lucians have written for us in that time, sharing their ever-fascinating stories. Nautilus was also a medium through which we kept our alumnae informed of College events, such as the University Alumni Weekend, the College Garden Party and annual Carol Concert. Many of you have attended these events and it’s been such a pleasure to meet you; we hope that you will continue to turn up to support the College and connect with other former Lucians.

We are totally indebted to our friends and colleagues in the Development Office who have provided us with potential contributors and who have done a sterling job in uploading all our content and then circulating it to our ever-growing recipients list. We have worked with three College Presidents in our six years, all of whom have been interested in alumnae matters and given their support to Nautilus.
But now we are about to enter a new era. As you already know, the College admissions policy has changed and from 2021 we will be a mixed college with standard age students alongside the more mature. In addition to the Annual Report we have a vibrant and active presence on social media. The Lucy Writers’ Platform offers a wonderful opportunity for creative and critical writing and has an extensive readership, which is excellent news.

As a consequence of these on-going developments, the decision was made that this should be the final edition. In order to give readers a taste of the range and variety of our contributors, I’ve trawled back through all our editions and selected just a very few that represent the extent of our reach and diversity. I hope that you enjoy reading them.
And finally….a big thank you to all those who’ve contributed, to the Alumnae Association Committee who have been supportive throughout and to our brilliant friends and colleagues in the Development Office.

Ave atque vale! Judith