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Awards and prizes for high-achieving students were awarded last week at a dedicated Formal Hall.

Alumni, Fellows, donors, students and staff gathered on Thursday 2nd March 2023 at our annual dinner to celebrate the many achievements of our students and the generosity of the donors who support them in so many ways.

College President Madeleine Atkins said:

“The Celebrating Student Achievement Dinner is a great opportunity for us to celebrate all the hard work that takes place over the year. We are incredibly proud of the academic achievements of our students, and also very grateful for the generosity of our alumni and supporters who make it possible for us to reward them every year.”

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Below is the complete list of the 2021-22 prizes.

The Alumni Association Prize for Contribution to the Arts

Anil Chatterjee (Human, Social & Political Sciences)

The Alumni Association Prize for Graduate Excellence

Bartosz Modelski (Advanced Computer Science)

The Annabelle Dixon Prize for the Student who made the most of their time at Lucy Cavendish

Charlotte Hofton (English)

The Baxter Prize for Academic Achievement in Archaeology

Zoe Clayton (Archaeology)

The Boin Prize for Academic Achievement in Law

Miller Hookem (Law)

The Berti Sapir Medical Prize for the Student with the Best Results in Clinical Stage Three (Final year)

Giulia Pieracci (Graduate Medical Course)

The Emmeline Pankhurst Prize for Contribution to College Life

Christopher Launchbury (Graduate Medic, LCC Boat Club President), Leila Schaaf (Psychology & Behavioural Sciences, LGBTQ+ Officer)

The Dame Veronica Sutherland College Prize for Contribution to Lucy Rowing

Harriet Wills (Graduate Medical Course)

The Gyll Moore Prize for a Student Gaining a First Class Degree in Arts or Humanities

Zara Neill (English)

The Hua Sister Prize for Academic Achievement in Economics

Yu Wu (Economics)

The Jackie Ashley Prize for Best Results in Politics

Miriam Dzah (Human, Social, Political Sciences)

The Janet Todd Prize for Academic Excellence

Nils Brockmann (Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management)

The Madeleine Jörgensen Prize for First Class Results in Tripos

Alice Asquith (Human, Social & Political Sciences), Alexandra Breckenridge (Law), Astrid Broden (Human, Social & Political Sciences), Hephzibah Hermione Colquhoun (Human, Social & Political Sciences), Ellie Gardner-Thomas (Human, Social & Political Sciences), Niharika Ghoshal (Human, Social & Political Sciences), Clemency Neville (Law), Imani Thompson (Human, Social & Political Sciences)

The Margaret Spufford Memorial Prize

Philipp Spengler (Economic and Social History)

The Marie Lawrence Prize for First Class Results in Tripos

Dowan Bellerose (Law), Emily Brown (Natural Sciences), Thomas Carr (Psychological and Behavioural Sciences), Ti Ying Chew (Natural Sciences), Emily Hean (Geography), Lovisa Florin Holmsten (English), Anna Leow (Natural Sciences), Christopher Li (Engineering), Yuxin Ma (Mathematics), Signe Petersen (Psychological and Behavioural Sciences), Maxwell Pettett (Computer Science), Rosalind Prosser (Natural Sciences), Ranjit Singh (Natural Sciences), Eli Tapnack (Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion), Jacob Trevithick (Engineering), Jacob Tucker (English), Katie Wright (English), Yu Wu (Economics), Chun Wai Yip (Economics), Yee Man Yiu (Engineering), Zixi Zhang (Computer Science)

The Mary Wollstonecraft Prize

Ellie Gardner-Thomas (Human, Social & Political Sciences)

The Myson College Exhibition for Personal Achievement

Bonnie Cheung (Veterinary Medicine), Agnieszka Słowik (Computer Science)

The Senior Tutor’s Prize for Sporting Blues

Alex Bragg (Blue in Men's Football), Maximiliaan Bronckers (Blue in Hockey), Lili Csada (Half Blue in Swimming and Waterpolo), Helene Greenwood (Half Blue in Hare & Hound), Michael Miller (Blue in Athletics), Rachel Morgan (Half Blue in Golf), Joshua Ripley (Half Blue in Men’s Lacrosse), Simrat Sodhi (Half Blue in Ice Hockey), William Zhang (Men's Basketball)

The Simms Prize for Best Final Results

Natalie Abbott (MPhil in Education), Anastasia Bickerton (M.B., Clinical), Eleanore Bird (LLM), Carlo Bozzola (MPhil Industrial Systems, Manufacture, and Management), Maximiliaan Bronckers (MPhil Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence), Jocelyn Hui Yan Chan (MPhil Psychology and Education), Lei Chu (Distinction results in MPhil in Economics), Eva-Maria Doege (MPhil in Film & Screen Studies),Nica Franklin (MPhil in English Studies), Rounak Ghosh (MPhil in Film & Screen Studies), Yat Chun Matteo Ho (LLM), Benedikt Kagerer (MPhil in Economic Research), Denise Kohlhepp (Master of Education), Kavya Lalchandani (Master of Corporate Law), Bartosz Modelski (Advanced Computer Science), Neelasha Nemani (Master of Corporate Law), Martí Oller Riera (Master of Advanced Study Degree in Mathematics), Ishan Paidhungat (Master of Advanced Study Degree in Mathematics), Konstantinos Pantelidis (LLM), Cristina Pinel Neparidze (MPhil In Therapeutic Science), Saúl Rodríguez Martín (Master of Advanced Study Degree in Mathematics), Lewis Russell (MPhil in English Studies), Girinandini Singh (MPhil in Education), Alessandro Testa (Master of Advanced Study Degree in Mathematics), Wei Tu (Master of Business Administration), Harriet Wills (Graduate Medical Course), Darren Wai Lin Wong (MPhil in Public Policy), Yiran Xu (MPhil in Film & Screen Studies), Zhongyuan You (LLM), Wanru Zhao (MPhil in Advanced Computer Science)