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Derek talks about the new role and his plans for the musical life of LCC.

The new post of Music Coordinator has been put in place both to support and increase musical happenings in college, and also to create and strengthen links between LCC and other colleges, faculties and the wider community.

Derek ScurllI am excited to be joining the Lucy family at this time of great expansion, and delighted that the college values music so highly.

I am a musician with a varied professional life: I perform (drum kit, percussion, piano), I teach, and I compose, arrange and do other things I consider “moving notes around a page”. I read Music at Selwyn College (1995-98) and have lived in the Cambridge area since then.

At Lucy Cavendish, I will be working with the Music Scholars to put on concerts, gigs, informal performances, workshops, and hopefully more things that we haven’t yet thought of! You can contact me on or speak to me when I am in college (usually Tuesday afternoons, when I will be hanging out in the cafe). You can also speak to the Music Scholars as they are in regular contact with me. 

Students and staff can contact me about any and all things musical. I work part-time, so please do not expect an immediate reply, but I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

I would love to hear from any member of the Lucy community with suggestions for events, offers of your skills (as a performer or otherwise), and any feedback.

I am also on Instagram as @lucycavmuscoord and Twitter as @LucyCavMusCoord so please follow and join in the conversation.