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This program aims to define a sustainable pathway for the UK economy, considering both environmental and social aspects.

Professor Neil Stott has joined the "Sustainability and Social Value" working group, established under the new British Academy policy program.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to chart a sustainable and comprehensive path for the UK's economy. This new policy program, titled "Exploring the Foundations of a Sustainable and Holistic Strategy for UK Economic Growth and Development," will address critical questions about the nation's future through a cross-disciplinary lens.

Building on a successful scoping seminar held with government officials in September 2023, the program delves into how the UK can navigate the evolving global economic landscape. It aims to move beyond "business as usual" by fostering long-term, integrated thinking and sparking crucial conversations across various academic fields. This collaborative approach promises to shed fresh light on economic policy and illuminate a truly sustainable and holistic strategy for the UK's prosperity.

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