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Balancing rigorous studies and student experience, Chloe Yiu, thrives in a unique community.

Chloe, a third-year Information and Computer Engineering undergraduate student, comes from a local school in Hong Kong. Rather than following the more common paths of A-levels or IB exams to secure her place at Cambridge, she took an unconventional route, applying with her local public exam results.

"Throughout my secondary school, I could see that I am a STEM student, performing much better in Math and Science than language and humanities subjects. Getting ‘top in science’ in my secondary school cohort has affirmed my ability in this area and encouraged me to pursue a university degree in this field. 

Lucy caught my attention at first with their unique college architecture on their website - with different cottages and modern buildings on the site. Lucy also has a cosier environment and a more closely connected community. I also like the location of the College. It is located near the periphery of the Cambridge city centre. While I get to enjoy the tranquillity and scenery at a quieter location, it is also convenient to walk anywhere in the city centre's north side.

Before I received the offer from Cambridge, I hadn't imagined myself being able to get into this top university. As I know Cambridge is the top engineering school in the UK, I decided to give it a shot to apply for it. In particular, the engineering course in Cambridge allows us to try different specialities to explore our interests. This is especially helpful to me as I switched my speciality from Bioengineering to Information and Computer Engineering after having more understanding of this degree, and I am so grateful for this flexibility provided. 

I have been enjoying my degree a lot. It is difficult to maintain a Cambridge lifestyle when I have to juggle between different commitments, but I am glad I am balancing it well - and was kindly awarded scholarships from Lucy for two consecutive years. 

I am aiming to be a software engineer upon my graduation. Hence, I have been engaged in relevant internships during the holidays to gain more insights into this field. I’m looking forward to the rest of the degree which would help me be even better prepared for it."