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Soujanya [sou- d͡ʒa- nja] is a researcher at the Institute of Manufacturing (IfM) and has a PhD in industrial engineering and information systems. She is a mechanical engineer, and her PhD was funded by the Manufacturing Academy of Denmark, where she worked closely with industry leaders such as LEGO and Danfoss to apply Industry 4.0 principles within factory operations. Before PhD, she had about five years of experience working in industry and consulting.

Soujanya is passionate about integrating advanced digital technologies in manufacturing and believes in their ability to address significant global challenges, such as health inequalities. Her research involves designing information systems architectures and industrial systems drawing from stakeholder inputs to utilize modern artificial intelligence solutions and the internet of things. Her current work centers on food supply chains and digital interventions in an interdisciplinary setting. She is also involved in teaching activities at Judge Business School and IfM’s industry training programs.

Soujanya is an elected committee member of Postdocs of Cambridge Society, which represents over 4000 postdocs at the University. She serves on the University’s Employer Justified Retirement Age and Retirement Policy Working Group.