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Our team

Dr Mark King

Dr Mark King is the Director of Admissions for the College. This means he is the first person to assess your application, he is likely to be one of your interviewers, and he chairs the subject meetings where final decisions are made. Dr King works extensively with colleges and schools around the UK and internationally to provide advice and guidance to prospective applicants and to teachers and careers advisors. Dr King also assesses postgraduate applications to the College, once departments have made offers.

Gaby Jones

Gaby Jones is our Postgraduate and CGCM Admissions Officer. Gaby has worked at Lucy Cavendish as the Admissions Officer for over 20 years and has extensive experience with both the Graduate Course in Medicine and with applications from mature students and students from Access courses. If you have an enquiry about postgraduate entry, the CGCM, or if you are a mature applicant, you can contact Gaby for advice and guidance. 

Caitlin Law

Caitlin Law is our Undergraduate Admissions Officer. Caitlin joined the admissions team in October 2019 following an undergraduate degree at the University of Oxford and a PGCE at the University of Cambridge. Caitlin started as our Outreach Officer and was originally tasked with  building and maintaining relationships with schools, colleges and access charities, as well as reaching out to applicants from all backgrounds. Caitlin is now enjoying her new role as our Admissions Officer during this exciting period in the College's history. 

Hayley Hilson

Hayley Hilson is our Outreach Officer, meaning she works with students and schools to provide information and support about Cambridge and higher education. In line with Lucy Cavendish's new admissions policy, particular focus is placed on encouraging high-achieving students from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds to apply to Cambridge. Hayley started her role in July 2021, shortly after graduating from Cambridge in Linguistics.


If you have any questions related to admissions, access and outreach at Lucy Cavendish College, please contact Gaby at, Caitlin at or Hayley at

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